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Vitamin B Complex Medicines during Pregnancy

Vitamin B Complex medicines during pregnancy are very useful for women. Pregnancy is a stage when women suffer from different kinds of physical complications. As the developing babies obtain nutrition, mineral, vitamin, mineral and calcium from the body of the mother, they sometimes suffer from deficiency of these things which might lead to some serious problems. So it is the time when pregnant women should take proper care for themselves and try to stay fit and fine. Vitamin B Complex medicines during pregnancy give protection to women from these possible complications.

There are several Vitamin B Complex medicines that pregnant women can take but before that they must be aware of the action of these medicines. Every pregnant woman does not need to take these medicines for the same reason. Some women need Vitamin B Complex medicines to get rid of anemia, some take these medicines to avoid water retention and elevated levels of homocysteine. Besides, these pills are prescribed for pregnant women who suffer from mental depression, dermatitis, high blood pressure and chronic cardiovascular diseases.

These are all physical complications which can create serious problems to a pregnant woman and her baby and that are why it is very essential to take Vitamin B Complex medicines. These medicines are available in the form of tablets, capsules as well as tonics and you may take them the way you like. However it is very essential to mention here that before start taking such medicines you must consult with the doctor once. Even if you are patient of a cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure or anemia, let your doctor decide whether you need Vitamin B Complex medicines during pregnancy.

Diets that are suggested by doctor to pregnant women are sufficient to give them protection from problems like anemia, cardiovascular diseases and hyper tension. But even after that if you need to take Vitamin B Complex medicines, stick to your doctor's prescription. If he prescribes any medicines, then don't change the dosage without his consent. If your doctor prescribes you a dose of Vitamin B Complex medicines during pregnancy, try to complete the course. Don't stop taking it in the midway.

Generally Vitamin B Complex medicines made of five milligram of Vitamin B1, 10 milligram of Vitamin B2, 50 milligram of Vitamin B3, 15 milligram of Vitamin B5, 20 milligram of Vitamin B6 and 100 micro gram of Vitamin B12 are prescribed for pregnant women.
Surbex, Vicon-C, Z-Bec and Theravite are some of the strongest Vitamin B Complex medicines during pregnancy.

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